May 8, 2021

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Man Utd condemn ‘disruption’ of protests as Liverpool game postponed

The match between Manchester United and Liverpool was called off after protesters broke into Old Trafford earlier on Sunday.

Hundreds of United supporters gathered outside the stadium to protest against the Glazer family. A large group broke into the ground and arrived on the ground. They were trying to take a stand against the club owners.

Fans have never had a good relationship with the Glazers and tensions resurfaced after the European Super League saga last month.

United were one of six Premier League clubs to embark on a new competition, which has come under heavy criticism. All these clubs eventually withdrew.

But the scars have not healed and there is a lack of trust between fans and owners. To clarify their position, United fans traveled to Old Trafford to disrupt proceedings.

The two teams remained in their hotels and the kick-off was postponed indefinitely from the scheduled time of 4:30 p.m. Just over an hour after kick-off, it was confirmed that the game will not take place on Sunday.

A statement from Manchester United read: “Following discussions between the police, the Premier League, the Trafford Council and the clubs, our game against Liverpool has been postponed for security reasons around today’s protest.

“Discussions will now take place with the Premier League on a revised date for the game.

“Our fans are passionate about Manchester United and we fully recognize the right to free expression and peaceful protest.

“However, we regret the disruption of the team and the actions that endangered other supporters, staff and the police. We thank the police for their support and will assist them in any further investigation. “

Premier League exit statement

The Premier League also released a statement explaining the decision.

He said: “Due to the security breach at Old Trafford, the Manchester United game against Liverpool has been postponed.

“This is a collective decision by the police, the two clubs, the Premier League and the local authorities.

“The safety and security of everyone at Old Trafford remains of paramount importance. We understand and respect the force of sentiment but condemn all acts of violence, criminal damage and trespassing, especially given the associated COVID-19 violations. Fans have many channels to make their views known, but the actions of a minority seen today have no justification.

“We sympathize with the police and the stewards who have had to deal with a dangerous situation which should not have its place in football.

“The redevelopment of the aircraft will be communicated in due course.”

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