May 18, 2021

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Carragher compares United protest to a ‘night out with comrades’

Jamie Carragher has compared the protest organized by over a hundred Manchester United fans to an “evening out with comrades”.

Police were called to Old Trafford to disperse supporters gathered in the stadium to demonstrate against the Glazers, with the former Liverpool defender eager to stress that the majority’s actions were largely “peaceful”.

“We can only talk about what we saw. Do we want fans storming stadiums to the right and center and getting games canceled? No, we do not, ” said the former Liverpool defender.

“I do not want to sit here and criticize Man United fans because I am Liverpool.

“Two weeks ago, fans came together. There will always be idiots getting involved.

“I think it’s a good thing to protest against not being happy about what happened at the club.

“There will always be someone who takes it too far – not just in a protest. It’s an evening out with friends. There’s always someone doing something stupid.

“We have lost a game of football, but I almost accept it. I’m sure of that [trouble] will dominate the news. It happens to fans all the time. A clip goes everywhere and there are many other people doing good things.

“I do not want to see other supporters score points against Manchester United fans. The majority of Man Utd supporters were peaceful. ”

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While the comparison will undoubtedly attract a few laughs, Carragher is quite correct in suggesting that a few actions will be used to tar the rest and risk sweeping the message sent to the owners under the rug.

The temptation to paralyze those demonstrating this afternoon will be significant, especially given the selective reporting and increased focus on some of the more disruptive elements of the protest.

However, it is absolutely fundamental that we do not let the core message behind the protest be lost under all the white noise – Glazers, not to mention the other owners involved in the plans to form a breakaway league, should not be given a free passport.

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