May 10, 2021

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Neville reveals four signs ‘desperate’ FSG are a ‘danger’ to Liverpool FC

Gary Neville has entered Liverpool’s owners and urges fans to acknowledge the ‘danger’ that the ‘desperate’ Fenway Sports Group poses to the club.

The former England defender, in his role as Sky Sports expert, witnessed Sunday’s Old Trafford pitch invasion. Fans protested against the Glazer family’s participation in the proposed European Super League and the United-Liverpool match was eventually postponed.

Neville initially pointed his anger at the Glazers and suggested they should sell United. But he then shifted his focus to Anfield and FSG’s involvement in the secret plot.

However, it was not just the failed ESL that did his ire. The former United defender believes there have been many signs that not everything is rosy on Merseyside for some time.

And he enumerated the narrative indications that turn out, no doubt, that the American owners are plundering.

“Let’s talk a little bit about FSG,” he said Sky Sports. “They have been part of four things in the last 12 months, which are desperate signs, they act desperately behind the scenes.

“They plundered their players, it’s not very Liverpool-like, they tried to cut wages behind the scenes, they went to Project Big Picture and tried to change the 14 and 6 rules in English football.

“Now, together with the Glazers, they have tried to create a Super League. These are desperate actions by the owners of Liverpool Football Club. ”

Neville urges Liverpool fans to get smart

The ESL debacle has opened the eyes of many football fans across the country. Opposition to the idea of ​​a breakaway league was universal, and it did not take long for the clubs involved to return.

Neville understand that the effects of the pandemic are felt throughout the sport. He believes that is one of the reasons why Liverpool’s owners have behaved so badly in recent times.

And he wants the red fans to realize that their beloved club is the hands of dangerous people.

“I think they are currently struggling through Covid, obviously, financial problems that a lot of companies have all over the world, but they are acting desperately,” he added.

“At this point, I accept that Manchester United fans are more angry with the Glazers than Liverpool fans are, but Liverpool fans need to see the danger of what FSG are doing because they are acting desperately behind the scenes.”

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