May 16, 2021

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Carragher supports Old Trafford protests and calls for rational media response

Jamie Carragher refused to condemn Manchester United fans whose Old Trafford protests saw Sunday’s match with Liverpool postponed.

The Sky Sports expert was looking forward to a delicious top clash between the old rivals. But a new date must now be found for fans stormed the Old Trafford track.

Officials made the decision to suspend the game due to security concerns. And even if it does not agree that Sunday’s scenes are replicated throughout the nation, Carragher understands the reasons for the protests.

“We can only talk about what we saw. Do we want fans storming stadiums to the right and center and getting games canceled? No, we do not, ”he said Sky Sports. “I do not want to sit here and criticize Man Utd fans because I am Liverpool. Two weeks ago, fans came together.

“There will always be idiots who get involved. I think it’s a good thing to protest – not to be happy about what happened in the club. ”

Kick-off was initially delayed before the match was postponed and the Premier League issued a statement on the incident.

It read: “After the security breach at Old Trafford, the match between Manchester United and Liverpool has been postponed.

“This is a collective decision by the police, both clubs, the Premier League and local authorities. The safety and security of all at Old Trafford remains paramount.

“We understand and respect the strength of feeling, but condemn all acts of violence, criminal damage and violation, especially given the associated Covid-19 violations.”

Carragher calls for perspective on the action of the fans

There is no doubt that the Theater of Dreams pitch invasion will dominate Monday morning headlines. This is another clear indication that supporters are tired of billionaire owners using clubs as leverage to make more money.

The opinion will be divided as always. But Carragher believes it is important to look at the context of the protest and not jump to the usual conclusions.

“There will always be someone who takes it too far – not just in a protest,” he added. “It’s an evening with friends. There’s always someone doing something stupid.

“We have lost a game of football, but I almost accept it. I’m sure of that [trouble] will dominate the news. It happens to fans all the time. A clip goes everywhere and there are many other people doing good things.

“I do not want to see other supporters score points against Manchester United fans. The majority of Man Utd supporters were peaceful. ”

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