May 10, 2021

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Neville calls for ‘reform’ as fan protest sees Manchester United’s game against Liverpool called off

Gary Neville has called for fan unity and ‘reform’ after large-scale protests at Old Trafford lef to postpone one of English football’s most prestigious matches.

A protest was staged outside Old Trafford ahead of Manchester United’s game against Liverpool, with Red Devils fans expressing anger at club owners over failed European Super League proposals.

United fans have had a bitter relationship with the Glazer family since their leveraged takeover in 2005, and as past protests have come and gone, their frustrations have again been heightened following the proposals released there. at two weeks.

Large numbers of fans gathered outside the team hotel in Manchester city center, while there were thousands more at Old Trafford, and several hundred made their way into the famous old stadium and to express their frustrations on the sacred ground.

The protests saw the game initially delayed, before finally being called off with the Premier League, citing safety and security in jeopardy.

Speaking after the postponement, Gary Neville said he hopes events at his former playground will spark fan unity in his pursuit of “ reform ” of the game on these coasts.

“I think this is a warning to the owners of the football club that at the end of the day they will not accept what they have been doing for the past two weeks,” he said on Sky Sports. “Obviously, we don’t know what happened outside of the ground. We know some fans came in and they were reasonably peaceful, but if there has been any disturbance outside it’s not acceptable.

“But in reality a game was called off today and the fans have spoken. Fans talked about it a few weeks ago [Super League] proposal, and the six owners of this country turned around. It’s not going to go away. They don’t really trust the owners of this club, they don’t like them, they think they should go.

“Beyond today, the reality is that it should be for reform and regulation and to make sure they can’t start over. To protest is the right of every person in this country. We have to keep this element of being able to protest.

“However, beyond today, I think it’s about making sure that fans across the country come together to ensure the reform of English football. This is the most important thing. If there is anything about today, it has to be a precursor if there is no reform in English football.

Since the Project Big Picture proposals 12 months ago, Neville has called for independent regulation of English football at all levels, as he last week gave his backing to the government’s announcement of a review of football ownership and regulation.

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