May 16, 2021

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Neville’s rallying cry after Old Trafford invasion: All football fans should unite

gary Neville called on English football fans to unite against the owners of their respective football clubs, especially those involved in the preparations for a European Super League.

Manchester Unitedcounter match Liverpool was postponed on Sunday after home fans protested club owners, the Glazer family, by invading Old Trafford grounds.

“This is a warning to the owners of the football clubs, we know that some supporters came and were reasonably peaceful,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“The fans have spoken. This is not going to go away. Fans don’t trust the owners of Manchester United, they don’t like them, they think the owners should go.

“Beyond today, fans across the country must unite to ensure there is reform in English football

“We don’t want to hear about any disruption today, but the fans have had enough. The story today is that the fans sparked the spark. Will they stop another game next time?”

“I hope they evolve into something more measured, calm and sharp. The ball is in the owners’ court. Two weeks ago, I have to say it again, [the Super League proposal] was a shock.

“I never thought they were brilliant owners, but I saw that there were worse owners in football than the Glazer family. However, I think all football fans should come together. today behind what Manchester United the fans did.

“What they did two weeks ago was dangerous for English football, it should not be forgotten. They tried to pull out and create a closed league which would have essentially created a famine in this country for all. other football clubs.

“These 15 clubs [who would have made up the Super League] would have left their leagues and fundamentally destroyed the ethics of the pyramid and relegation in English football. It’s number one, it’s unforgivable what they did as a family two weeks ago.

“The Glazer family tried two weeks ago to implement something that would have damaged all communities that have football at heart. That is why they are dangerous.

[Florentino] Perez is dangerous, [Andrea] Agnelli, [Joan] Laporta… they are dangerous for the concept of equal opportunities and fair play in European football. “