May 16, 2021

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Valencia vs Barcelona | LaLiga Santander: Schreuder: Barcelona are right in the title race

ROnald Koeman’s assistant, Alfred Schreuder, attached great importance to Barcelonanext match against Atletico Madrid after their 3-2 victory over Valencia.

Mestalla win takes Blaugrana two points behind leaders Atletico in the LaLiga Santander table, with the couple meeting at Camp Nou next Saturday.

“It will be very close, that’s also what we were hoping for in January”, Schreuder said about the title race.

“We’re here. We don’t have to look at the other teams. We look at ourselves.

“Sometimes we lose points, sometimes Atletico, sometimes Real, Seville… It won’t be the last game next week. We still have four games to go.

“Everybody has Barcelona trust our players [to win the title]. We trust our players. This is what they showed again today.

“If you look at how far the distance Atletico it was at the beginning, in January, it was very far away.

“We have had a very good month over the past three months. It was important to be where we are now.

“If we win next week, we’re above them.

“It’s an important game. But we also have other teams [Real Madrid and Sevilla] who play the next day for the same position as us.

“We watch from game to game. Of course we know it’s a very important game. [against] Atletico. “