May 18, 2021

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The next options for club Yves Bisuma after the ranking of Brighton

Brighton midfielder Yves Bisuma is a wanted man.

Since arriving on the south coast of England, sailing has not been easy for Malians, but after going to bed for several years, his performances this season have attracted attention.

The Seagulls’ action midfielder is at the heart of Graham Potter’s squad and his all-round box-to-box game is attracting interest from all over. Arsenal are the newest club to be linked, with the Daily Star claiming that Mikel Arteta wants to pair him with Thomas Parthey in the Gunners’ engine room.

But who else is connected? And where can it actually go? 90min have you covered.

Zinedine Zidane
Zidane “considers” move for Bisuma Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty images


As early as December, Spain claimed that Real Madrid had “joined the race” for Bisuma, describing it as a “younger and cheaper alternative” to Paul Pogba.

Does he really sign? Los Blancos usually strives for established professionals of the highest level or young people with incredible potential. The 24-year-old Bisuma, no matter how he was, does not fall into any category.

This is also the move that will most likely bury him under a number of more expensive midfield talents. We’ll see how it goes.

Expiration class: 2/10
Probability rating: 3/10

Bisuma is a poem by Bruno Fernandez OLI SCARFF / Getty images

Late last year, Bisuma was discussed as a potential replacement for Paul Pogba. But now that Pogba doesn’t seem to be leaving, it seems a bit redundant.

Central midfield is not really an area where United need reinforcement otherwise; in Pogba, Scott McTominay, Fred, Donny van de Beek and Nemanja Matic, they are quite well stocked.

So it’s hard to see them spend a significant amount on a new player there unless there are a few expenses.

Shelf life: 4/10
Probability rating: 3/10

Yves Bisuma detains Stephen Bergwyn of Tottenham
Bisuma detains Stephen Bergwine Pool / Getty images

In the past, spurs were freely labeled as a potential destination and it is easy to see why. They have benefited from these types of low-profile midfielders in the very recent past – Pierre-Emile Heubierg is one of the few success stories from the Jose Mourinho era.

Without a new on-site manager and multi-player futures in the air, there are a few too many variables to call this probable. But you won’t be surprised if it turns out.

Shelf life: 4/10
Probability rating: 5/10

Yves Bisuma, Roberto Firminho
Bisuma fights Roberto Firmino Pool / Getty images

This will be a decisive summer for the Reds, who are assigned to take the pieces after their weak defense of the Premier League title.

The main thing about this will be how they replace Georginio Wijnaldum and there is no denying that Bissouma looks good.

His ability to hold the ball has the potential to compete with the Dutchman and he has a similar engine; it covers more land than almost any other player in the lower half of the league.

Whether he is at the level that Liverpool needs remains to be seen, but he is at the right age for a typical FSG signing, even if he is on the more expensive side.

Expiration class: 6/10
Probability rating: 6/10

Yves Bisuma of Brighton and James Madison of Leicester
Bisuma is closely watched by James Madison Malcolm Cousins ​​/ Getty Images

Leicester’s starting midfield is quite sorted. Yuri Tillemans and Wilfred Ndidi. The work is good.

Beyond that, however, there is not much depth. Bisuma is listed here and he looks just like the player who could solve this problem.

It would probably cost somewhere between £ 30-40 million, which seems steep for Leicester, but it looks like they will have money for the Champions League to play next season, and that will certainly be a statement of intent.

Expiration class: 7/10
Probability rating: 6/10

Gabriel Martinelli, Yves Bisuma
Bisuma makes a typically strong battle against the gunners Mike Hewitt / Getty images

It just looks like good shape, doesn’t it?

The Gunners desperately need to strengthen their midfield and Bisuma seems to be on track. He has the physical strength and perseverance to form a midfielder together with Parthei, while he is technically experienced enough that Arteta’s possession-based system adapts him to a tee.

He would be an immediate and significant step towards the likes of Mohamed Elneni and still have a few years to become a top midfielder in the Premier League.

The only issue here is the price; Arsenal do not have exactly a spare 30-40 million pounds to play with, so they will have to be absolutely sure that he is their man.

Expiration class: 8/10
Probability rating: 7/10