May 8, 2021

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Stan Croenke is ready to sell Arsenal despite conflicting allegations

The takeover proposed by Arsenal could continue in the end, as the report claims that the Kroenke family are ready to sell the club – despite strong claims to the contrary.

The current owners of the “gunners” are under strong pressure to sell the club after the disappointments of the supporters reached a turning point after the failure of the Super League. There have been numerous protests by fans outside the Emirates, and uncertainty has led to Spotify owner and Arsenal fan Daniel Eck showing interest in buying the club.

Despite their ratings of approval, which competed with those of Donald Trump in his last year in office, Stan and Josh Kroenke were public about their desire to remain at the helm. A statement reaffirmed their commitment to keep the club going, while Josh recently spoke at a fan forum about their plans for the future.

“I don’t want your trust right away,” he said. “We have the same plans for the summer as a few weeks ago, and I’m so excited about them.

“I may be met with mistrust and skepticism, but over time I hope to restore relations with our supporters and show them that we are capable of leading the club forward.”

Despite their apparent reluctance to sell, the Daily Mail is already reporting that the club is actually on the market … at the right price. They say the word for the “international investment chain” is that Kroenkes are ready to sell privately and have been for the past two years.

Any offer in the region of 1.7 billion pounds is expected to be enough and now everything is ready for Ek – who recently provided the funds to buy the club – to offer an acceptable offer.

Daniel ek
Eck made his fortune in music streaming Sebastian Reuters / Getty images

After posting about his interest on social media, Eck recently doubled up in an interview with CNBC, where he went into some detail about his long-term relationship with the club.

He said: “I have been a fan of Arsenal since I was 8. Arsenal is my team, I love history, players and fans. I just see a great opportunity to set a real vision for the club to bring it back to its glory … I am very serious. I have secured the funds for this.

“I’ve been a fan of this club for 30 years and I certainly didn’t expect it to happen overnight and I’m prepared for it to be a long journey. All I can do is prepare a thoughtful offer and I hope you they listen to me. “