May 8, 2021

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Police are investigating the Man United protest

Some would say that the scenes at Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon are unpleasant, others will believe that they are completely justified.

Simply put, the long-suffering Manchester United supporters have had enough of the Glaser family’s ownership of their club, and the club’s initial admission to the European Super League was apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Fans of the Red Devils appeared in the thousands before the start in the middle of the afternoon against Liverpool’s rivals, but after they managed to invade the field, there was no doubt that the game would not continue.

With the match postponed and it appears that all parties are blaming the blame, Greater Manchester police have launched an investigation, according to the Daily Telegraph, to determine whether any penalties should be observed for the protests.

Old Trafford fans

Although it was thought to be a peaceful demonstration against the Glaser family, police apparently disputed it.

“Today’s actions forced us to take officers from the front police and call for support from neighboring forces to prevent the disorder from getting worse,” Assistant Chief of Police Russ Jackson told the Daily Telegraph.

“Bottles and barriers were thrown at various points, officers were attacked and people scaled the structure of the stadium, creating a risk for themselves and the officers.”

Given that there does not appear to be a place on the calendar to play the game, and the serious nature of the concern, United to abandon the game cannot be ruled out at this stage.