May 8, 2021

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when will it be rescheduled?

Manchester United’s home game against Liverpool has been postponed due to security concerns over the recent protest against the Glazers at Old Trafford.

United, Liverpool and the Premier League will now have to find another date for the clash at home, which in itself could present multiple problems especially with United still in European competition.

The protests, which were attended by around 10,000 people, ultimately caused the match to be canceled amid security concerns as people made it to the pitch and into the red zone with hours before kick-off. .

Liverpool currently don’t have a midweek fixture but with a busy schedule on the United side, how could revamping this fixture be problematic for the Red Devils?

With a group of fixtures to play before the end of the season, Manchester United already have a midweek fixture and a weekend fixture in the last few weeks.

United are due to travel to Rome in the coming days for the second semifinal championship against Roma in the Europa League.

Both Liverpool and United will then play Premier League games on the weekend of May 8 and 9, against Aston Villa and Southampton.

United will then have a midweek fixture against Champions League prospects Leicester on May 12, with Liverpool set to move up the standings with a game against West Brom.

Finally, the end of the season comes on May 23, when United and Liverpool are against Fulham and Burnley. There is currently no date available for the game, which means there is a scheduling issue with United and the Premier League.

All Premier League matches have to end before May 23, which means there has to be a rearrangement somewhere before that date.

According to The telegraph, the most likely current option is Sunday 16 May, the day after the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Leicester City, and the week before the end of the Premier League season.

Liverpool are set to face West Brom on that date which could mean advancing this game to host yesterday’s postponed game.