May 18, 2021

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Still no new date set for Man United vs. Liverpool – here’s why – Liverpool FC

A new date for Liverpool’s trip to Man United has yet to be confirmed with the Premier League facing a number of issues rescheduling Sunday’s postponed game.

The Reds were forced to return to Merseyside on Sunday night as protests inside and outside Old Trafford forced the postponement of a major clash.

A Premier League statement explained that “the reorganization of the match will be communicated in due course”, with discussions underway with both clubs and local authorities.

It was initially expected that the game could be played on Monday night, just over 24 hours after the scheduled kick-off, but that is no longer the case.

The date has yet to be rescheduled as all parties are looking at a number of issues before setting a kickoff date and time.

Most problematic is the fixture list for the rest of the campaign, with little gap between games lining up for both Liverpool and Man United – the biggest gap would have been on Monday.

It’s likely now that at least one more game will be moved to host the game, and that could come with Liverpool’s trip to West Brom on May 16, which could be replaced by May 12/13.

If so, Man United v Liverpool could then be played on May 15-16, allowing a short break between matches for both sides.

Liverpool and Man United matches

It would also require dialogue with West Brom, while broadcasters will also need to approve any changes, with Sky Sports owning the rights to the rescheduled game.

With fears that another protest will disrupt the game again, it is also possible that a neutral venue will be agreed, although this is the worst-case scenario for United and therefore unlikely.

United will see the situation as a major drawback either way, especially as they are still competing in the Europa League and are expected to make it to the final on May 26.

It has been suggested that Liverpool could even travel to Old Trafford after the final, but this is doubtful due to the proximity of the European Summer Championship which begins on June 11.

England have warm-up friendly matches scheduled for June 2 and 6, as most other nations do.

It would also force a conflict of interest in the Premier League, with all 10 matches being lined up to be played at the same time on May 23 so that outside factors do not come into play.