Former Liverpool player urges fans to ignore Man Utd protests: ‘Do not get sucked in …’

Former Liverpool midfielder David Thompson has urged the club’s fans to ignore Manchester United’s protests against their owners.

Some supporters of the Red Devils gained access to Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon, which ultimately caused the biggest match in the Premier League calendar to be canceled.

Thompson looked away from home, expressing his views on Twitter, saying those protesting ‘must be careful about what you want’ and that he hopes Liverpool fans do not follow suit.

Check out his tweet below.

Manchester United fans gained access to Old Trafford and in fact had the biggest match in the Premier League calendar canceled

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The proposed European ‘Super League’ started a storm among football fans, with some of our supporters hanging anti-FSG banners on the gates outside Anfield.

For United fans, their anger had been building for a while, with Glazer’s handling of finances being questioned by some – the elitist breakaway league was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In fact, Liverpool fans should be angry – I expressed so much in a long essay – but the likelihood of Anfield being stormed is quite small, especially after the scenes at Old Trafford.

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