May 10, 2021

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Dez Bryant shares update on Odell Beckham Jr. (video)

(Photo by Ian Johnson / Icon Sportswire)

Even though Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has been a bit quieter on social media these days, we still get a glimpse of what he’s up to.

Before that, we’ve seen him catch one-handed passes, lift weights, and run on the treadmill.

Basically he has been in a brute force attack on his rehabilitation due to the injury and the ACL surgery that put him on the sidelines since the end of October.

The latest update is provided by Dez Bryant who shows us how OBJ is progressing in the open field.

Spoiler alert: he looks good.

Moment of the video

Conspiracy theorists will wonder about the interesting timing of this video.

It’s just a day after the NFL Draft.

While the Browns mostly focused on defense with their draft picks, they also drafted wide receiver Anthony Schwartz with the 91st pick.

Anthony Schwartz was named the fastest man in the draft.

Schwartz vs. OBJ

Neither does appear to be a situation here.

Schwartz is a star of the track and a player in need of development.

To assume that Schwartz could step into OBJ’s or List’s position is a leap of faith at this point.

OBJ trade

Trade rumors have been around for years, but the Browns have never given any public indication that an OBJ trade is on the horizon.

In fact, general manager Andrew Berry and coach Kevin Stefanski have spoken of putting a healthy OBJ back on the field in 2021 since losing to the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional playoff game in January.

It looks like they will make their wish come true, judging from the video shared by Dez Bryant.

OBJ 2021

The Browns and OBJ are hoping for a healthy and complete season.

Despite his raw athletic talent, OBJ has been riddled with injuries over the years.

These injuries required surgery and rehabilitation.

Much like the rest of the Browns squad, 2021 is OBJ’s time to shine.

It looks like the pieces are in place for success, so it’s up to the players to execute and meet the expectations.

This includes OBJ.