May 10, 2021

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Ronaldo: Which of the two has scored the most free kicks

If the two players train in a very different style, they both remain effective. In 2021, Lionel Messi managed to match Cristiano Ronaldo in this area.

Between geniuses, the differences are generally minimal. For more than ten years, the battle between Messi and Crisiano has been furious, every goal, every dribble, every gesture from the two superstars has been examined. Today, both men have scored over 700 goals in their careers, including several free kicks. But which has the most?

Thanks to the significant number of free-kick goals scored by the Argentine in recent seasons, Leo Messi equalized for Cristiano Ronaldo in the field on 3 May 2021 after his goal scored against Valencia with FC Barcelona.

Lionel Messi is equal to Cristiano Ronaldo

A few momentum steps, another step to the left, a great inspiration and a shot of rare power, this is Ronaldo’s protocol during most of his free kicks. A process of his own, which allowed him to register 56 free kicks during his career.

If at the moment the five-time Ballon d’Or only has one goal from a free kick with Juventus, he scored 13 with Manchester United, 32 med Real Madrid and 10 with the Portuguese election.

Opposite him, Lionel Messi, placed to the right of the ball, the Argentine generally kicks the leather after three momentum and with disturbing precision. A precision generally performed by the mediator of a brushed shot so that he has recorded in total 56 free kicks too. 50 med FC Barcelona, 6 med Argentina.

Flea Comeback

Just three seasons ago, Cristiano Ronaldo counted 51 goals from free kicks, while Messi had scored 34.

The Argentine simply excelled in the field with 22 free kick scored in three seasons against 5 for Portuguese.

Very special exercise, the free kick often allows to block a situation. In itself, the two men are already registered more than 100.