May 16, 2021

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Chansiri’s mistake can cause the owls to fall

Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri failed to pay his players for the month of April.

What’s new?

This is stated in a report by The Telegraph, which claims that the salaries of players on Wednesday for April should be paid last Friday – less than 24 hours before the owls face Nottingham Forest in a decisive clash of the championship – however, Chansiri was unable to pay his gaming staff.

It is also said that Darren Moore’s people will still receive their salaries for March, which means that this is now the third month of the season in which players did not receive salaries on time on Wednesday, as the same thing happened in November.

Should Chanshiri sell the club this summer?




Incompetent owner

While the point on Wednesday in their goalless draw with Forest on Saturday was already quite impressive, as the result almost supports the club’s hopes of avoiding relegation to the Premier League, the fact that the players entered such a change, although two months without pay, makes the result is even more remarkable.

But with the news now in the public eye, we’ll see exactly how players deal with the situation before, which could be a direct shot in the relegation with Derby County this Saturday.

In fact, it is not difficult to imagine that along with the stress of being in the middle of a very difficult battle for survival, the lack of pay will have a negative impact on the mental state of the players, something that can easily lead to reduced performance. , of course, brings with it the possibility of relegation.

And if the worst is to happen against Wayne Rooney’s side on Saturday, it seems clear that there will be a lot of blame for Chansiri, as Moore is likely to be outraged by the owner’s incredible levels of incompetence – especially at such an important stage of the season. .

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