May 9, 2021

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Casey Stoney and Jane Ross reaction after Bristol City 0 MU Women 1

Jane herself was pleased with Casey’s positive feedback, but insisted she was just doing her job.

“Yeah, I mean, that’s obviously the role of game changers in general,” she said after her 11th WSL campaign appearance.

“I think for any player that comes onto the pitch, being able to make an impact in the game and help us get the three points is important.”

The 31-year-old shares her coach’s view that the Reds improved as the game progressed.

“It’s a tough pitch to play, to be honest playing the style of football we want to play. It was difficult, for sure a two-key pitch. In the second half, we came out a little more positive and we created a lot of chances.

Our last WSL game of the season is against Everton at Leigh Sports Village on May 9th.