Physiotherapist explains recurring calf problems for Everton’s James Rodriguez

Everton FC midfielder James Rodriguez has suffered various calf injuries this season. A Spanish media outlet decided to talk to an expert to find out why this problem continues to arise.

Rodriguez injured his calf recently, but it is not a serious injury. However, Brand talks to Marcos Sanchez, a physiotherapist and director of the Fernando VII Clinic in Madrid, to discuss why this is a recurring problem for the Everton star.

Sanchez has experience in treating elite athletes and footballers, and the physiotherapist points to two reasons why these calf injuries continue to happen to Rodriguez.

“The most common reason is because the one you had for the first time did not heal well. This makes this tissue no longer the same, it does not have the same hypertrophic capacity and muscle tears appear repeatedly, “said Sanchez.

“It can be caused by his foot, by his technical gesture, by the playing field or even by the goal. There are small details that can affect an athlete to suffer ongoing injuries of this kind. “

Everton’s training staff will have to find a long-term solution to deal with these recurring injuries. In the 2020-21 season, Rodriguez suffered three injuries that caused him to miss 11 games.

As Rodriguez’s contract expires next year and The Toffees seeks to extend international participation in Colombia, the English club may want to resolve this issue before awarding Rodriguez a long-term contract.

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