May 16, 2021

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Alternative options for clubs chasing Erling Halland this summer

Erling Haaland’s indecent results and undoubted ability put him at the top of the ladder when it comes to the hottest goods in the game. Borussia Dortmund, which won it for only 20 million euros in January 2020, was a great business with its resale value already over the roof.

But instead of winning this summer, the club seems determined to keep the 20-year-old a little longer, leaving Mino Raiola a frustrated football villain. As the money is being sought to plunder Haaland before the 2022 exemption clause becomes active, the move does not seem sensible to stakeholders.

Haaland will receive their transfer, but for now those interested must look elsewhere. 90min has compiled a list of alternate attackers to watch out for.

Harry Kane is a footballer
Harry Kane has to move while Holland is unavailable Visionhaus / Getty Images

By no means is Kane inferior to Haaland, nor should it really be considered a “backup” option. But let’s face it, it really feels that way.

However, a backup does not mean bad. Again on the back of an 18-month period, studying the dark side of Jose Mourinho’s time, there is new energy inside Kane, desperate to be released from the top. If Haaland is out of the market, Kane is considered the best dog of the attackers who can really move forward.

It will not come out cheap, but the investment will pay off for the one who arrives first.

Tami Abraham
Abraham will prosper if he is given room to improve Pool / Getty images

Abraham is far from perfect. But he is also neglected by people who want to reduce him to nothing more than a member of Frank Lampard’s experiment.

Intelligent with his move to isolate the defender or fall between the lines, Abraham has a plan to become a seriously well-rounded striker. Consider that the movement with impressive height and huge physique has serious potential, which is lost in Chelsea.

He has a lot of work to do to become a constant threat and needs to make better use of his efforts to increase his contributions, but since Chelsea is open to sale, there is a deal. Abraham is rough at the edges, but is waiting to be shaped into a star at just 23 years old.

The 21-year-old Vlahovic hangs out with the stars of the main events in the Serie A top scorer competition.

The Serbian has scored 19 goals so far in Italy’s highest flight for a country that sits in the bottom half of the table. Vlahovic is a physical beast dominating the 18-yard box with a clinical finish, excellent movement and running of defenders and a tasty left foot.

Vlahovic came to life only this season for Fiorentina and is still very green at just 21, but he is explosive by nature – as is Halland – and marks all the boxes to become a serial mascot. Many of the best Italian countries are interested, so clubs need to act fast.

Wout Weghorst
Weghorst can be a complete cheat code Stuart Franklin / Getty images

Staying in the same league as Haaland, Weghorst is a fascinating alternative.

“Fascinating” because its size resembles the size of the WWE World Champion. Weghorst is a physical beast that is approximately 6’5, but is strangely mobile and has a wide range of completion and solid technical abilities.

He is not as aggressive as Haaland, but he still makes smart tracks and at the age of 28 he enters his best years. It will probably be available for a much friendlier price and is really the only option of its kind.

Patson Dhaka
Daka will probably be abducted by RB Leipzig before anyone else Adam Pretty / Getty images

The Zambian striker Dhaka snatched him to the Austrian Bundesliga with Red Bull Salzburg, in an ominously similar way as Haaland did only a few years ago.

So far, Dhaka has scored 24 goals in the league and destroyed the defense, combining a small silky smooth movement of the legs with intelligent positioning in the box and impressive physical work.

The question for the clubs is that RB Leipzig will probably kidnap him because of the connections between the clubs, but the move offers Daka a platform to reach the highest level.

Daniel Malen
The 22-year-old Malen attracts the attention of several | Socrates image / Getty image

If the lack of traffic on Haaland hurts Rayola’s wallet, he has talent in Malen that is ready to be cashed in by PSV Eindhoven.

Malen is a versatile striker who finds his greatest success when playing in wide areas, so he is not exactly Haaland’s typical plan. However, he still scores goals and is the latest in a growing genre of multi-role strikers who can create and score anywhere in the top three.

Coming from the Eredivisie, the Dutchman will probably be offered at a fair price. Then it is up to him to show that he can climb to the highest level.