Man Utd is facing an investigation into the impossibility of curbing Glazer’s protest

Manchester United will face an investigation by the FA for their inability to deal with the protest against Glaser on Sunday, although they know about the event for nine days.

Before the scheduled match against Liverpool, thousands of United fans flocked to Old Trafford to express their disappointment with the owners of the club “Glazers”, and some even managed to invade the stadium to protest on the field, and after a few hours chaos it was decided that the race in Liverpool could not be played.

Manchester United vs. Liverpool - Premier League
Old Trafford was surrounded by police Charlotte Tattersall / Getty image

It was later revealed that the protests, which began peacefully, were taken over by a group of idiots who chose to use violence to send their message, with an innocent police officer in need of emergency hospital care after suffering an unpleasant facial feature when bottles and barriers were released in their direction.

Footage has also surfaced showing a police officer hitting a Manchester United fan as they lay on the ground and were arrested.

While United were clearly powerless to prevent such behavior, The Telegraph noted that they would still face questions about their conduct of the event as a whole, as club staff had nine days to prepare an adequate response.

Comparisons will be made with the situation at Arsenal. The Gunners were expecting protests as their participation in the Super League plans came out and brought their players to the ground earlier than usual to ensure that their competitions could move forward.

Arsenal vs. Everton - Premier League
Arsenal fans are also outspoken Justin Setterfield / Getty Images

United also had the happy position of being able to monitor the scale of the Arsenal protests. Thousands of fans have recently invaded the Emirates, and there are fears that United should have expected this level of unrest in a protest that has been publicly planned for more than a week.

There is clearly no blame for the violence on the part of a small number of supporters, but United will face questions about how fans were allowed to enter Old Trafford, especially when the measures have to be tougher than usual because of COVID-19.

The Premier League is already in an unenviable position, trying to reschedule the race. No official decision has been made, but if you look at the calendar, there are very few dates on which this game can be safely played.

Jürgen Klopp, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Rearrangement of fittings can be difficult Pool / Getty images

United’s Europa League semi-final with Roma means they can’t play this week, while Premier League matches mean the Red Devils are booked both on the weekend and on 12 May. The weekend of May 15 is also out the window, as Liverpool have to face West Brom.

Then both teams are in action on May 19 and May 23 to end the season, and United are also expected to participate in the Europa League final on May 26 (assuming that Roma can not overcome a deficit of 6-2) . With the European Championship, which starts in early June, there may be no time to play after the end of the season.

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