May 10, 2021

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Things Heard and Seen: Netflix movie cast and ending explained

Things Heard and Seen is Netflix’s latest horror offering, with the film based on the book by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini.

The film is a horrific mix of paranormal and religious extremes, with its protagonists undergoing major character changes over time.


A young woman, Catherine, discovers that the house she and her husband have moved into haunted her. Their marriage is going through difficulties because Catherine discover more and more about the spirits who live in the house next to them.

Throw away

Featured Amanda Seyfried like Catherine, James norton like George, Rhea seehorn like Justine, Natalia Dyer like Willis, Alex Neustaedter like Eddy, Jack gore like Cole, James urbaniak like Bram and F. Murray Abraham like Floyd, Things Heard and Seen is now available on Netflix.

End explained

After George killed Catherine and Floyd, he tries to make chips on a sailing boat. His failed murder of Justine left him on the run, despite the murders of Catherine and Floyd. In the final scene, we see “The Shadow of the Valley of Death”, where souls make the transition to the afterlife. For George, he listens to the voices of Catherine and Ella, condemning him to hell for his actions.