May 10, 2021

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Learning on the Job: Mason Greenwood’s important second season at Man Utd

Like any young person in their first place of work, novice footballers look to their senior peers for guidance in various facets of the job, including professionalism and dedication to the role. Greenwood is surrounded by professional models, but cannot look to better examples than that of Cavani, who has received rave reviews during his short career at Old Trafford so far for his forensic preparation, and his alumnus of the Marcus Rashford Academy.

“I have really come a long way. I always knew I could take the pressure, get her into the first team, ” Mason said earlier this month. “It’s been a good trip and there have been a lot of ups and downs, but I’m only 19 and I’m ready to keep fighting for the badge and for United.

“I had Marcus, Scott [McTominay], Jesse [Lingard] and Paul [Pogba], the tastes of those who pass through the Academy. They’re the ones who just leave little footprints behind you must follow, do what they did and take it in your stride, really. When you come to first team is like family anyway, so you do what you do. You couldn’t ask anybody better with Marcus being in a similar situation that I have, and then there is Cavani who has has won everything. He played for a number of years and now is the perfect time for him to step into the club during the time he did. He’s helped me a lot this season – he talks to me sometimes and tries to help me work on my course and stuff like that. He’s a nice boy and I’m very happy he’s here.

“You still need the older players on the team who have done it all and then you have the younger players who admire them and you feed off what they have done. You just watch them in practice and add it to your game. You’ve got the likes of Nemanja [Matic], who won the Premier Leagues with Chelsea. You have Juan [Mata], who has been playing for many years. You have Bruno [Fernandes] behind you in that # 10 position and he’s still talking, always giving me tips for playing. You have a lot of older players that you can just watch and rate. “