May 16, 2021

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Carragher, Henry pick next six PL Hall of Fame inductees

Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry have chosen their next six inductees into the Premier League Hall of Fame.

Henri joined Carragher on Monday Night Football after being named one of the first two Hall of Famers alongside Alan Shearer.

And the Arsenal legend agreed with Carragher on three new inductees, they differed in selecting their other three potential members from the list of 23 nominees.

Here are their selections and the reasons for them, via The sun.

Dennis Bergkamp (both)
Henry: “Bergkamp always wanted to do more, first in training, last in training, doing what the game asked him to do. The passion he had for Arsenal and for the Premier League.

“He improved the team, the guys around him better. At one point he came back and did the entire preseason without a contract, working hard, playing all friendlies.

“He showed us what it means to be a professional. And we have to mention the goals and the impact on the club. It is obvious to me.

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Eric Cantona (both)
Carragher: “He is one of the greatest figures in the history of the Premier League. See how Manchester United fortunes turned on this signature. The decision to leave Leeds, he walked in and there was just something special about him.

“He took over the Premier League for three or four years. The collar turned up, this swagger, the goals, the goalkeepers shaken. He’s a huge character in terms of abilities and a player who changed the Premier League.

Henry: “He was very French! His goals, his attitude – he would score and say to himself, “So what? Let’s go to kick-off and play again. ”

“For us, it was the start of everything. The Premier League wasn’t televised well, but when he went we realized what a league is – fans, atmosphere.

“Cantona, a Frenchman from Manchester United and his nickname is the king – wow.”

Roy Keane (both)
Henry: “I’m annoyed when people talk about Roy Keane and his tackles and being tough – yes he was. But what a player he was, he could pass, score.

“I was in the stand when he scored the lead in Turin – wow, the way he brought his team back into the game, fought in midfield, made everyone play better just by who it was.

“I understood why they were listening! He could play.

Steven Gerrard (Carragher)
Carragher: “We had the Scholes-Gerrard-Lampard debate and people will say everyone else on the list won the Premier League. Stevie didn’t.

“My two arguments are: there is no player in the history of the Premier League in the PFA team of the year more than Gerrard. It shows what the players against him thought of him.

“Eight times, no one has ever achieved so much – it shows how dominant he was in the Premier League.

“I’ve always said Henry was the best player to play in the Premier League, but what I would say is Steven Gerrard is maybe the best all-around player.

“Stevie, I think if he had played right-back he would have played for England right-back. He played while holding the midfield and attacking.

“He’s had a couple of seasons as a No 10 off Torres, and how he’s played in those two years – I’ve put him alongside any No 10 in the Premier League. The goals he scored and the assists.

“Right midfielder, he was named PFA Player of the Year in 2006, I think he played there and scored 20 goals from the right midfielder.

“In terms of overall quality and someone who could have played any field, at a similar level, those are the two reasons he stepped in for me.

Paul Scholes (Henry)
Henry: “I’m a Stevie G lover but Paul Scholes. When we played for Manchester United we had to stop him. He thrilled the team.

“We were afraid of him, above all. If we stopped him, we stopped a lot of Manchester United.

John Terry (Carragher)
Carragher: “For me, the best central defender to play in the Premier League era, I believe him. You said about Keane, it’s the same with John Terry. We see him as the warrior, the leader.

“His passing ability was as good as any center-back I’ve seen in the Premier League. I’ve never seen anyone change play with his weak foot – he played 60-yard passes with his left.

“One of the great captains of all time and my type of defender, rather than Rio Ferdinand, and the type of defender I was – I wasn’t that good!”

Patrick Vieira (Henry)
Henry: “He’s the only guy who could play alone in midfield, play 4-1-5 if you want. I knew when Patrick was scanning and I was already coming out of my defender because he was catching the ball.

“The quality. Sometimes he left the ball on purpose, kicked the ball, he was unplayable. I don’t know many who could do it all in midfield.

“We played at Chelsea on Sunday and again on Tuesday. Not everyone could play and he had the man of the match in both games – I asked him what he ate in the morning. He couldn’t walk sometimes, then the first whistle sounded and he was unstoppable.

Peter Schmeichel (Carragher)
Carragher has not given his reasoning for Schmeichel, but the Dane is widely regarded as the greatest goalkeeper in Premier League history.

He has won ten major trophies for Manchester United, including five Premier League crowns in 398 appearances.

Frank Lampard (Henry)
Henry: “The number of goals and assists, in defense, to go forward. People will call him Mr. Chelsea with John Terry.

“He could dominate a game on his own. He won the Champions League and the Europa League, he won everything with Chelsea.

“I remember playing against him with West Ham, the whole stadium was mad at him, and what has become of him. When you work hard, you get your reward. This is a prime example.