May 8, 2021

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Messi is hosting a barbecue, violating COVID, with the Barça team

Lionel Messi invited his entire team from Barcelona and their partners to his barbecue house to cheer up before a nervous breakdown, but the party could land them in hot water for violating COVID-19 regulations.

Ronald Koeman’s country has returned to the title picture of La Liga. They are currently third, two points behind leader Atletico Madrid, and level with rivals Real Madrid, so the title race looks set to come down.

Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba
Barcelona returned to the track in the race for the title Aitor Alcalde Colomer / Getty Images

Recently, Barcelona blew the chance to climb to the top, instead of falling to a shock loss of 2: 1 at home from Granada, so to keep his mood high, Messi held a meeting for the whole team to prepare for the end of the season . But as ABC noted, those present were much more than legally allowed.

Messi did not intentionally violate the instructions. The barbecue was outside and he provided each player and their partner with their own table to encourage social distancing, but that didn’t matter, as both La Liga and the Spanish government banned the gathering of more than six people.

Barcelona claims that it has not violated COVID’s guidelines, as the team is already part of a big bubble, and the players’ partners are kept in their own bubbles, but the league’s employees are expected to start an investigation into the situation.

Atletico Madrid did something similar a few weeks ago, organizing a gathering of the whole team, but the key difference is that they had warned both La Liga and the local authorities, who could confirm that all health guidelines would be followed. With Messi’s party, everyone was kept in the dark.

Obviously there will be some drama from this, but it seems that no one at the barbecue was worried about it. PURPOSE footage from the event, which shows the whole team chanting “Champions, Champions”, which suggests that they feel quite confident about their chances of success this season.

Hopes for the Barcelona title will probably rest on Saturday’s meeting with the leaders Atletico at the Camp Nou. Diego Simeone’s side enter the game in mixed form after winning just four of their last nine games – a series that opened the door for both Barcelona and Real.

With Celta Vigo, Levante and Eibar remaining on the roster since then, Barcelona will be sure to get away with coming out with the goods against Athletic.

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