Real Madrid let Gareth Bale leave on loan at Tottenham

Gareth Bale is expected to return to Real Madrid at the end of the season as there is no call option in his contract with Tottenham.

But the Daily Mail says Spurs have the option of extending it for a year if the Welsh winger agrees to stay.

No decision has yet been made, with Spurs and Bale waiting to see who will come in to replace Jose Mourinho as the new permanent boss, but there is a growing feeling that a second loan would make a lot of sense to everyone involved.

While Spurs are not really in love with the idea of ​​paying Bale the best part of £ 12million in salary for a working season, it is admitted that sending him back to Real now and signing a replacement would cost them a lot. more than that in transfer fees and salaries.

Spurs see Bale’s return as a bargain, but Real’s feelings about letting Bale go on loan again are unclear at the moment.

He only has a year left on his contract with Real, where he obviously doesn’t sign an extension, and clubs very rarely loan players when they go away for free at the end of the deal anyway.

Real are also paying almost £ 150,000 a week in Bale’s salary, so they would rather take him off the books for good this summer.

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