May 10, 2021

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Klopp rules out Keita’s exit rumors

While Liverpool have had a tough time this season unlike last season when they were in top form, Reds coach Jurgen Klopp has ruled out transfer rumors about some of his players, although some are harmful.

One of these players is Naby Keita, who joined Liverpool from RB Leipzig in 2018.

But since moving to Anfield, Keita has not been able to give the expected performance and he has also been out of injury.

This season, Keita has only seven appearances for the Reds, further making rumors of his exit credible.

Klopp in a statement has ruled out his exit rumors.

Klopp said in a statement to the press that Naby is training well at the moment and like many others he looks good in training. However, Klopp noted that the Reds need stability this year.

“We get determined from time to time, but I like that we now choose seven, eight, nine players to change and say, ‘Maybe we can win it like this.’ The long-term future of Naby Keita is from my point of view here, yes, ”he added.

Liverpool struggled to perform this season but we are hoping for a better performance next season.