May 11, 2021

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Father of LFC midfield goal says his son is not yet ready for transfer

Ryan Gravenberch will remain with Ajax until further notice, despite being linked with several top European clubs, including Liverpool.

The star plays in central midfield and has been hailed as a potential Gini Wijnaldum replacement, but his father wants him to stay at Ajax to help his development.

“He has to take the last step at Ajax. He just has to, and he has not done that yet, “said Gravenberch’s father Ajax Showtime, as quoted by TeamTalk.

“I want him to mature fully in Ajax, so for me he is just at Ajax.

“He has only played a whole season now, and that was of course quite good, but next season he will have to play even better.

“So despite his age, he really has to be one of the key players, especially if he plays in the European Championships [with the Netherlands].

“Next season he will not get away with it in the locker room if he plays badly several games in a row.

“I really think he should take a step at Ajax first. He needs to climb the hierarchy and stand up more for himself within the squad.

“I do not want to push him to do that, it makes no sense to Ryan. But he realizes it too. He also thinks it is best for him to stay at Ajax.

“In my heart – and also in Ryan’s – he first continues to develop at Ajax before taking a step higher.”

We respect this view and are simply glad that the young boy has such a good mentor in his corner.

Many times a young player had prematurely made the leap to a bigger club and not been able to fulfill his talent as a result.

For Liverpool, however, we need a new central midfielder, with Wijnaldum resigning a Bosman and doubts about the future of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Naby Keita.

Curtis Jones is coming through, but we still need a new midfielder who can play week in, week out, which Wijnaldum has proven to be capable of within the last five seasons.