May 18, 2021

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Ranking the 3 best moves of the Cleveland Browns offseason

It was another successful offseason for the Cleveland Browns.

GM Andrew Berry knew improving the defensive end was a focal point.

That’s why the majority of the Browns’ moves were aimed at improving their defense.

Heading into the offseason, the Browns were already one of the best teams in the AFC.

However, after those moves, they could have moved on to eventual Super Bowl favorites.

3. Signature of Jadeveon Clowney

After what appeared to be two years of negotiations, the Browns and passer Jadeveon Clowney finally agreed on the terms of a contract.

The Pro Bowl’s triple defense should be a significant improvement on that defense.

The Browns front office knew they had to make a major move with Larry Ogunjobi and Olivier Vernon at the start of this offseason.

Cleveland was able to sign the former No. 1 overall pick for a one-year deal that includes a very incentive contract.

It was a brilliant decision on the part of the front office not to pay too much for Clowney.

The biggest problem for him is staying healthy, so an incentive deal is smart.

Normally, that sort of decision would rank higher on the list, but it’s unclear what Clowney still brings to the table.

He has just had two consecutive seasons below par and injuries continue to pile up.

This is a low risk, high reward type of situation for Cleveland and gives the Browns’ defense line a major boost.

2. Writing of Greg Newsome II

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about building a statue for Andrew Berry in Cleveland.

The Browns had the No.26 overall pick in the NFL Draft and always turned it to gold.

Cleveland selected Northwestern defensive back Greg Newsome II in the first round.

A player with the skills to be a pro-level locking corner, but who almost fell off the first round.

Right now, the Browns have a packed squad of defensive backs with Denzel Ward, Greedy Williams, Troy Hill and Newsome.

There isn’t too much depth and at worst it gives the Browns more flexibility in high school.

It’s unclear what Williams is offering the Browns after a disappointing rookie campaign and missing the entire 2020 season with injury.

The addition of Newsome gives the Browns extra confidence in high school.

He has so many advantages and there is a good chance that he will quickly become a full time starter at the professional level.

At first glance, Newsome seems like extra depth, but this move is likely to pay off hugely in the long run.

1. Signature of John Johnson II

This move may have been the biggest theft of the entire offseason.

It is still unclear how Andrew Berry did not have an arrest warrant for his theft on the road.

Jokes aside, the addition of John Johnson II safety should be huge for the Browns high school.

He has been one of the most consistent safeties in the league since his draft in 2017.

The Browns were able to sign him to a three-year contract worth $ 33 million.

In four seasons, Johnson recorded 350 tackles, 32 assists and eight interceptions.

He is one of the most underrated players in the league and has strong defensive ratings, according to Pro Football Focus.

The Browns’ high school was tough to watch last season, but the front office has done a lot to improve it during the offseason.

Johnson will be an immediate upgrade on defense and may end up seeing his name discussed as Defensive Player of the Year in the future.