May 8, 2021

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Roy Keane kicked out Newcastle United players for Arsenal

Clearly, Newcastle United’s only goal this season has been to stay in the Premier League, while that safety now seems secure, so they don’t have much else to play for.

They suffered a relative defeat by Arsenal at the weekend after falling 2-0 and there are some accusations that some of the players did not show up.

Apparently such things will be on Roy Keane’s radar, and he had a rather brutal assessment of the performance during the Sky Sports television coverage:

You say it’s a good ending, it’s obviously hit the mark. This is a good move from Bellerin, we know he is able to do that. Elneny, you think you hit the target, but for me, the guard has to save that.

For me, he has a good hand, he has to save it, not well enough, but Arsenal was the better team and deserves to be in the lead.

Apparently they had a decent run recently, but there was no intensity in their game, as they were already on their vacations. It was a light afternoon for Arsenal, but Newcastle certainly never showed up.

“It’s going to be a problem for Bruce now for the last few weeks to get them to go again and say they still want a few wins.”

Safety can be guaranteed in their next game and Fulham are unlikely to take enough points from the rest of their games to close it, but that’s not a great look for Steve Bruce if the season just disappears with a few bad performances.