(Video) Carra continues to support United fans against Shearer and Jenas

Jamie Carragher has been very vocal and probably one of the best voices on the current football situation ever since the ESL debacle and subsequent follow-up took place.

Last night’s Monday night football he called the lazy criticism from Manchester United fans from people like Alan Shearer and Jermaine Jenas that they would not be unhappy if they had won more trophies under the Glazers …

This kind of comment is simply not helpful and ignores what football fans are trying to achieve right now – it’s bigger than winning and losing – and Carra rightly pointed out the flaws in the argument.

We do not think United went right with their protest. The violence was stupid – but we admire their efforts to resist this plague that is destroying our game.

Check it out yourself below with permission from Sky Sports:

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