Mourinho to Roma: The quotes showing his Tottenham downfall

Jose Mourinho will be back in the lead next season after landing a three-year deal at Roma just 15 days after being sacked by Tottenham.

The Portuguese will take the helm of Roma for the 2021-22 campaign after the Serie A club announced the 58-year-old as Paulo Fonseca’s replacement.

It will be the next chapter in a career that has yielded bigger silverware across Europe, but one that has taken a remarkable decline following a trophy-free spell at Spurs.

The cracks had already begun to appear for Mourinho ahead of his Spurs exit on April 19, which came after a series of comments from the former Inter boss suggesting significant unrest at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Here’s a selection of quotes that capture Special One’s descent into ignorance, a fate Mourinho will be desperate to avoid in the Eternal City as he tries to regain his glory days.


After the Spurs remained painfully true to form and handed a 2-1 lead to a 2-2 draw with poor Newcastle United, Mourinho immediately put the blame at the feet of his players.

When he was told that his team is usually good at holding on to lead, he said, “Same coach, different players.”


At one of the more bizarre post-match media conferences, Mourinho began to choke on the importance of feeding your children.

It was after Spurs had lost 3-1 to Manchester United that Red Devils boss Ole Gunnar Solskjær criticized Son Heung-min for what he considered a bit of a play.

The Norwegian said that if his child had behaved like that, he would have deprived them of their food. It was obviously a joke.

Mourinho addressed this, completely unsolicited, but for him it was nothing ridiculous.

“It’s very, very sad,” he said. “I think it’s really sad that you do not ask me about it. It’s really sad that you do not have the moral honesty to treat me the same way you treat others.

“I just want to say, Sonny is very lucky that his father is a better person than Ole, because I think a father – I’m a father – you should always feed your children, it does not matter what they do. .

“If you have to steal to feed your children, you steal. I am very, very disappointed and as we say in Portugal is bread bread and cheese cheese, I already told Ole what I think of his comments. ”


Modesty seems to be a foreign concept to Mourinho, who did not hesitate to compare himself with NASA scientists.

When the Portuguese addressed the seemingly justified criticism he received in light of Spurs’ overwhelming campaign, it went on the defensive.

“I do not think anyone will discuss rocket science with the guys from NASA with anyone around the world,” he said.

“They think they can discuss football with one of the most important leaders in the game. That’s the beauty of football.

“I got used to it, I appreciate it, so it’s fine for me.”


The criticism never seemed to leave Mourinho too discouraged, such is the strength of his belief that he has an army of loyal followers.

He calls them ‘Mourinistas’ and they are the source of his strength.

He said: “Honestly, I get my strength from myself, but especially from the people I love and the people I know they love me, even though I do not know many of them, I have not met them. .

“I used to call them ‘Mourinistas’, because in Portugal we use ‘ista’ at the end of the name of the club we love to express support.”


Gareth Bale’s signing on loan from Real Madrid gave Spurs fans hope for a real title challenge, but even this turned out to be a fake dawn.

There were many hints that all was not well with Bale’s second come on Spurs, with Mourinho left smoky by an Instagram post in which the Wales star had suggested he had been involved in full training, despite the head coaches insisted he was not in shape.

“There was a contradiction between the position and reality,” Mourinho said.


However, it was not all strength and defiance, as it was clear after the shock Europa League exit to Dinamo Zagreb.

“To say I’m sad is not enough,” he lamented. “What I feel is much more than sadness.”


Back in January, the will to turn on its own players was ready for all to see.

After a 1-1 draw with Fulham struggling, Mourinho saw “individual errors”, although he did not admit that anyone was his own.

“There are things that are individual that are due to individual qualities and individual flaws,” he said. “Basically, I can’t say much more than that.”


After Eric Dier ruled out Spurs’ 2-0 win over West Brom in February, Mourinho said the English international was suffering a crisis of confidence.

However, in an open show of disagreement, Dier insisted: “In terms of confidence, I do not feel that I have been in a bad place all season.”

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