Kane picks out the best of his 164 Premier League goals

Harry Kane chose his long-range strike against Arsenal at White Hart Lane in 2016 as his best Premier League goal.

Aaron Ramsey put the visitors ahead in the 39th minute before Francis Coquelin was sent off early in the second half after receiving a second yellow card.

Toby Alderweireld equalized for Spurs closely in the 62nd minute before Kane hit a few minutes later.

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The striker found the net with a superb strike from the left flank. Tottenham went on the 2-2 draw but as cited by the Premier League official website, Kane turned affectionately at this moment:

“We had just scored the equalizer. The crowd was standing. The atmosphere was electric.

“It was amazing to score. One of my best goals technically and the moment was really special.

Kane is now one of only ten players in league history to reach 150 goals. He said it was a “really proud achievement”, but he hopes there will be more to come:

“A really proud achievement,” Kane said. “Obviously, 150 goals is a lot for my teammates. Another step has been taken and hopefully a few more to come. “

Meanwhile, Eric Dier has hinted that he has at times been unfairly criticized:

“I really have mixed feelings towards him. Sometimes I feel like it’s a little unfair. Sometimes I made a mistake or something led to a goal and a mistake is brought up as if it was four or five. I have sometimes felt that way.

“As defenders you are always going to make mistakes and the most important thing is how you react to them. I think the fans saw what I can do in the blink of an eye, especially early in the season. I think I had a really good first six months and it dropped a bit for a few games. But I feel like I’ve been back in a great place for a few months now.

“It’s just the narrative I see painted of me. It doesn’t really bother me too much. I just think it’s a little unfair. It’s football. I just need to worry about myself and keep trying to do better. But I’m my biggest critic and I know where I can improve and when I can improve. “

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