Henry confirms plans to buy Arsenal

There have been rumors in recent weeks that Arsenal are for sale and can be bought by a new owner.

Well, former Arsenal star Thierry Henry has confirmed that there are plans to buy the club from Kroenke.

Henry revealed that the owner of Spotify, Daniel Ek, reached out to Kroenke with plans to buy the club from him.

According to the reports, Ek is expected to submit a bid of around DKK 1.8 billion. Pound for the Gunners before the end of the week.

The report added that Ek is confident Kroenke will listen to the offer and has the full backing of Henry and other Arsenal legends including Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp.

Henry said in a statement on Monday Night Football: “I know a lot of people would hear about it [the takeover].

“That’s true. Daniel is an Arsenal fan. He did not say that for any publicity. He has been an Arsenal fan for a very long time.”

Henry noted that it will be long and not easy if it ever happens.

However, he stressed that one thing he is sure of is that Daniel will not move away, he will be there and wait to see if they will sell.

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