Full exclusive Paul Pogba Q&A with fans

George T (UK) It’s been 10 years since you won the Youth Cup with United. What do you remember most from all that racing and how important was it to you at this early stage in your career?
“Hi George, I remember it was new, something of a new culture for me, coming to United. It was a dream come true. What I remember is that with our kids, like me, Jesse, Sam Johnstone, all the players, the Keanes, we dreamed of playing professional and playing for the first team. To enjoy, and when I see the guys from the first team and follow our dream. This is what is beautiful, just magnificent. We believed and we achieved and it’s something that, if I got a message for the kids and things, it’s just to believe in your dream and you can make it come true.

Michael O (Nigeria) Your smile during games is contagious. How do you manage to stay so happy in games, has Ronaldinho been any inspiration in that regard?

“Hi Michael, like I said football started out in the streets, laughing with my friends. That’s how I started playing football. So me smiling or being angry won’t change the outcome. I just feel happy, I feel confident when I’m happy on the pitch. This is when I can play the best on the pitch, keep smiling, keep believing in me. Then we will get the result we want. “

Alan M (UK) What does your nickname La Pioche mean and where does it come from?

“Hi Alan, I don’t think people understand because it’s a French word so basically it’s like the joker; the person who jokes and sometimes likes to annoy people, but in a pleasant way. It’s La Pioche. How I see it, the Pickaxe to other people. It comes from the actor who is called Gohou, Gohou Michel, from Ivory Coast. He joked with people and he said jokes, things that never happened, stuff like that. This is where it comes from, my La Pioche is a little different from this Pioche. I don’t know if you have it!

Steve M (Nigeria) Who has the better sense of dress in the locker room? Is it you like your style is out of this world. Where does your inspiration come from?

“Steve, I think you already know that!” [laughs] Yeah, it’s just different, you know. Sometimes people don’t understand it and are a little surprised at the colors I put on. I’m just myself, I’m just different. Maybe I’m not the best, but for me I’m the best and that’s all that matters.

Mo A (UK) Rashford and Mbappe – what are the similarities and what are the differences?

“Hi Mo, these are two great, great, great talents. I think they are so young and so talented. They have accomplished so much for their young age. I think they are the present and the future of football. “

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