Jose Mourinho is not the solution to the Roma problem

Jose Mourinho will take the reins in Roma before the 2021/22 season. The 58-year-old was recently sacked by Tottenham Hotspur after 17 months in power, but just weeks after he was released, it was announced that he would return to Serie A.

During his last spell in Italy, he was incredibly successful with Inter, winning the Champions League, two league titles, the Copa Italia and the domestic Super Cup. However, the Roma do not receive the same Jose who blinded in Milan more than a decade ago.

His reputation once again earned him a role in one of the continent’s most historic football clubs. Mourinho’s charm has seen him convince Friedkin Group, Roma’s owners, that he still has what it takes to turn their sport around.

Giallorossi are seventh in the table, 14 points from the Champions League, and it was clear that Stadio Olimpico’s time for Paulo Fonseca was coming to an end for some time. The squad needs to be rebuilt and the widespread unstable atmosphere in the locker room needs addressing – so why hire Mourinho?

In recent seasons, the former Real Madrid boss has experience in alienating players and falling apart with the stars, and that’s good if you get results. The point is, the man who was once called the “Special One” no longer does. Now, more than ever, the best coaches are expected to have fun as well as deliver silverware, and for all his medals, Mourinho has always been more of an off-field artist than he is.

The Italian game is unique in that prioritizing defensive stability over attacking finesse is seen as an art rather than a stick to beat managers with. Roma have won just one of their last seven games in all competitions, including a heavy semi-final defeat in the Europa League in the first game at Old Trafford, but their current problems are deeper than Fonseca.

Mourinho has achieved things that most coaches can only dream of, but as we have seen at Manchester United and rather the Spurs, the honeymoon period under his leadership seems to diminish with each job he takes on.

After confirming that Fonseca will leave the Italian capital at the end of the season, the club continued to announce the hiring of Mourinho on Tuesday despite strong ties with Maurizio Sari. It seems that the Roma have decided to follow the path of the subjects – an approach that can see immediate improvement in the short term, but ignores the very reasons why they are in the first place in this position.

Poor recruitment and the inability to hire the right managers in the medium and long term have made it impossible for Roma to realize their potential as a football club for a long time.

The former Chelsea boss may be better suited for the Italian game, but even so, in order to be tasked with rebuilding the Roma, they desperately need one of two things: Or an attempt at paper on the cracks with an appointment in Hollywood I hope is that there is enough improvement to reassure fans in the short term without thinking about what might follow, OR a fundamental failure to identify the real problems that led to this decline in the first place.

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