Derby must avoid Jones’ swoop

A move for Wayne Rooney’s Derby County transfer target Phil Jones seems unlikely at Pride Park this summer.

What are we talking about?

That’s according to a Daily Mail report, which claims the center-back is an ‘immovable object’ at Manchester United as his £ 110,000-a-week salary discourages potential suitors, two of whom are said to be Derby and Middlesbrough earlier this season.

Would Jones be a good signing for Derby?




Blessing in disguise

While the allure of attracting a player with 200 Premier League appearances under his belt, in addition to one who has won a Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League title, can be tempting for many people involved in Derby, there are a number of reasons why they should avoid moving to sign Jones, whether on loan or permanently.

Firstly, the England international’s wages are a factor that simply cannot be ignored, as Jones’s six-figure weekly salary massively overshadows that of any other Derby player, including Rooney’s earnings of £ 46,000 per week, which could potentially cause a major blow to team morale – if the defender were to be brought in, even with a reduced deal.

Second, Jones is simply not worth a huge salary, as the 29-year-old has only made two Premier League appearances in the past two years, neither of which have come this season – meaning the form central defender’s physique is likely to do so. being extremely underweight, as well as his ability to consistently be able to put in a high level of performance in a match being as good as anyone would expect.

Finally, the financial resources Jones’s loan signing would swallow up – a one-season loan could bring Derby back to around £ 5,720,000 if he had to pay his full salary – could be spent much more wisely, perhaps to invest more in the youth of the club. setup, or even on younger and hungry transfer targets that have a much higher cap than the Manchester United flop.

As such, it would be highly advisable for Rooney to forget about the signing of the defender who, according to Martin Keown, “plays like he’s on roller skates” and instead focus on building a capable squad. to play a much more respectable role. finish in the championship next season – if, that is, they avoid the drop this weekend.

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