Liverpool will not move to be awarded 3 points after the canceled match against Man Utd

Liverpool were due to host Old Trafford on Sunday in a Premier League match against Man Utd, but the match could not be held and was postponed after some Man Utd fans stormed the pitch before the match began to protest the removal of Glazer family, who are owner of the club.

While there is growing speculation that the Football Association could draw three points from Man Utd due to the offense, Liverpool have revealed that they would do nothing to see this happen.

According to the Mirror UK, the Reds would not pursue a point reduction because the match was canceled for security reasons.

The decision to interrupt the match was made one hour after the scheduled time.

Under the rules, the FA can declare that the fixtures will not be relocated and award the three points to Liverpool if they decide it was “abandoned due to the behavior of a club or its supporters”.

The Reds have revealed plans to work with Man Utd for a new date for the match.

However, this would be difficult for Man Utd as they have a midweek match in the Uefa Europa League and they also have the next two places in the middle of the week taken up with Premier League matches against Leicester City and Fulham.

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