“Manager’s dream!” Jamie Carragher has garnered praise for the West Ham star

After his decisive 2-1 victory over Burnley on Monday night, Sky Sports specialist Jamie Carragher sang the praises of defender Vladimir Kufal.

Kufal played a vital role in the Hammers’ victory, which kept them putting pressure on Chelsea and Leicester City in the top four.

Kufal not only had an excellent game in defense, but the Czech defender also contributed at the other end of the field.

Constantly popping up in the last third of his opponent, Kufal remains a constant source of creativity, which is reflected in his half of the first half, which puts striker Antonio.

Such was the impressive nature of the performance of the 28-year-old, Coufal’s latest display won him some credit.

Speaking live at Sky Sports after Monday’s game, Carragher said: “I think he is one of the signatures for the season.

“We talk about [Tomas] Suchek, but Kufal, whether he is a right winger or a right fullback at different times, is just one of those players who are at least 7-10 every time you watch him play.

“He is the type of player you would like to play with.

The dream of a manager, never injured, he is there week after week. “

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