May 9, 2021

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Twitter reacted as Manchester City reached the first final of the Champions League

Hell, it’s been a long time coming, but Manchester City has finally reached its first Champions League final.

As a matter of fact, Paris Saint-Germain barely put on a glove for City in Tuesday’s second game with a Riyad Mahrez bracket, which gave them a well-deserved 2-0 victory.

Above all, however, they were all focused on one and only one. Weather in Manchester.

Some called it hail, others snow. One thing that everyone could agree on is that it is perfectly profitable to play a game in May under these conditions.

Soon, City took full advantage of the unique conditions with Mahrez, who opened the scoring within 11 minutes.

Ederson was key in the build-up, shooting a really ridiculous long ball at the top of PSG’s defense, which Alexander Zinchenko fixed. A few passes and a diversion later, and Mahrez set out to celebrate.

The rest of the first half was an affair for the two managers. PSG approached with Marquinhos, who hit the crossbar, and Angel Di Maria twisted effort with wide shots.

City, meanwhile, looked extremely dangerous every time their opponents handed over possession, overplaying – which happened a lot.

After the break, PSG tried to increase the pressure, but was met with stubborn resistance from City.

Kyle Walker, John Stones and Zinchenko played their part, but special praise was reserved for Ruben Diaz; he was a man’s mountain.

City were rewarded for their stoic defense, just after the hour when Mahrez grabbed his second half of the game.

The architect was Phil Foden, who placed it on a plate so that the Algerian could reach the home on the back pillar.

The goal almost dashed PSG’s hopes of reaching the final and Di Maria drove the last nail into the coffin when it was sent for a brainless stamp on Fernadino.

HI’s dismissal began a little free for everyone, and Zinchenko, De Bruyne, and Verratti entered the book shortly thereafter. We can’t lie, it was a lot of fun.

Hacks, trips and kicks continued until full time. When the last player was blown away, the joy on the faces of the City players was quite something and Twitter quickly offered its congratulations – while laughing at PSG, of course.