May 18, 2021

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FC Barcelona – La Liga: Cristiano Ronaldo’s trusted doctor to operate on Ansu Fati on Thursday

Ansu Fati fell injured on November 7, and a few days later underwent surgery performed by Dr. Cugat, hoping his meniscus would recover rather than replace it, which was a logical decision given his young age.

The removal of the meniscus would have been a huge risk for Ansu, and to have a whole career without its protection would not be the wisest of ideas.

But things haven’t gone well from the start. The player has spent more time in the operating room than expected, which is never a good sign. Things started to improve and there were rumors that he would return, but there was a sudden stop and he had to undergo further treatment by Dr Cugat.

He did not return to training and his recovery stalled.

Dr Noronha

Now, Ansu fati will go under the knife again because his knee has not improved. It was reviewed by two experts in March, including Dr Jose Carlos Noronha, one of the world’s top knee specialists. He is going to operate on the player, and he is Cristiano Ronaldothe most trustworthy doctor.

Dr Noronha has also operated on a number of players who have suffered from knee problems, including Pepe, Radamel Falcao, Hulk, Angel Di Maria and Arjen Robben.

He is a specialist in reducing a player’s recovery period, and the doctor hopes he can do the same with Ansu, although he is unwilling to offer a full assessment until he has had the surgery. player in Porto on Thursday.

No Olympics, no European Championship

Ansu Fati will have to be managed, but the reality is that his season is long over. Although he has already made his debut for the Spanish national team, he will not play in the Tokyo Olympics, nor in the European Championship.

“Instead, he has to think about 2021/22.