Manchester United have a new date for round 2 of protests that could affect LFC clashes

According to various posts on social media, Manchester United fans will spend the weekend on 15/16. May to ‘Round 2’ of their anti-Glazer protests …

Round 1 meant that our game at Old Trafford was canceled on Sunday due to the safety of both teams – and there has not yet been a new date to be filled.

We have to play West Brom this weekend the 15th / 16th. March, but speculative claims had already indicated that we could play United this weekend instead of the Baggies match moving to midweek – as United have committed to the Europa League …

The situation is messy and really Liverpool will probably have to be awarded the three points if the game can not reasonably be reorganized.

If disruption affects the game when it is reorganized, we probably will – although it is not really the pressing issue right now in terms of the bigger picture of football.

Fans are fighting for real change in terms of football ownership – so billionaires can no longer exploit 150-year-old social institutions for personal gain.

It is a battle we must also be behind.

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