things you need to know about the Brazilian midfielder

Anyone who has ever played Football Manager knows that it is impossible to resist spraying big money on an unknown entity from Brazil, in case he may turn out to be the absolute winner in the world.

They never are, but it makes no sense.

The La Liga giants Barcelona are not shy when it comes to washing the Brazilian championships for discovered gems, and their latest invasion of South America seems to lead to the capture of midfielder Flamengo Gerson.

Barça are rumored to be on the verge of providing the young Brazilian’s services, but his story does not fully coincide with the stereotype “South America, torn from obscurity to play for the first time in Europe”.

Here’s everything you need to know about the man who could decorate the Camp Nou next season …

Gerson moved to Roma in 2016.
Gerson moved to Roma in 2016. | Mario Carlini / Iguana Press / Getty Images

Anyone who follows Serie A with great interest will know exactly what we mean when we say that he has not spent his entire career in Brazil.

Gerson was rumored to have been on Barcelona’s wish list back in 2015, although he chose to move to Roma instead.

To say that the switch did not go according to plan would be something of an understatement. Gerson spent three years in Italy – one of which was sent on loan to Fiorentina – and returned to Brazil in 2019 with only ten starts in the league for Roma under his belt.

Gerson started in Fluminense
Gerson started at Fluminense Alexander Lureiro / Getty images

Speaking of moving him back to Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro’s Flamengo raised £ 10.6 million to bring Gerson back to his homeland in 2019, although by signing for them, he joined Fluminense’s city rivals, the club that gave him his first professional opportunity. football.

It is fair to say that this move did not go well with his former employers, although his decision was upheld as he took a number of silverware, including the 2019 Copa Libertadores.

Gerson played for Flamengo during the 2019 World Cup
Gerson played for Flamengo during the 2019 World Cup Sports images of Eurasia / Getty images

Barcelona’s targeted interest is not the first time Gerson has joined a major European club since returning to Brazil.

In the last few years alone, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea and Tottenham have been seeking a deal for the midfielder, and the latter’s interest awaits them to make an offer of £ 16 million, which was quickly rejected by Flamengo.

It seems that Barcelona this time may have found its man with an offer of 21.5 million British pounds, enough to tempt the Brazilian outfit to part with their talented midfielder.

Gerson excelled after returning to Brazil
Gerson has excelled since returning to Brazil Sports images of Eurasia / Getty images

Chances are the only thing you’ve gathered from this article so far is that he’s a young Brazilian who has bottled his first internship in European football, so what do you need to know about his style of play?

If you are the type of football fan who bases his entire opinion of a player on how many goals he has scored in a season, then Gerson is not the player for you.

The youngster is not the type to score ten goals and ten assists per midfield season, but what he does offer is a progressive style of play full of energy, while his ball skills are exactly what you would expect from a Brazilian midfielder. .

Gerson, representing the Brazilian country under 20
Gerson, representing the Brazilian country under 20 Sandro Pereira / Getty images

You may be wondering why this guy didn’t represent the Brazilian senior country if he’s so special, but politics can play a role in his omission.

Gerson played for the under-20 country between 2015-2016 and was on the verge of being called up to the senior team in 2019.

Later that year, however, he declined a call-up to the U23 team to compete in the Summer Olympics, claiming he was suffering from fatigue after a grueling campaign with Flamengo.

The news did not go well and rumors surfaced that the lack of commitment to the senior country was due to his refusal to represent his country at the Olympics.

Gerson's father seems to have a lot to say about his future
Gerson’s father seems to have a lot to say about his future Sports Images of Eurasia / Getty Images

Okay, maybe it is then melodramatic, but his father certainly likes to entertain the media.

With many European clubs already watching his son’s progress last year, Marcos Santos was not shy when it came to adding more names to the combination, arguing that Arsenal also wanted to secure a deal.

Whether it was true or not, we will probably never know, but honestly we are all for it. It’s probably very embarrassing for the player himself, but put his father in front of the cameras and tell him to come up with more gossip about the transfer for us.

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