May 18, 2021

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The Manchester United squad, which should start against Roma

After falling in the semi-finals in four separate cases last season and once this term, Manchester United is one match away from the European final.

It’s not over until the fat lady sings, of course, but the impressive comeback means Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team has one leg in the final when they take a 6-2 overall result for Rome on Thursday.

Bruno Fernandez
United turned Michael Regan / Getty Images

Injury and a shot of confidence Roma capitulated in the second half of “Old Trafford”, leaving a 2: 1 lead in a powerful way. But while it feels like a job done for the Red Devils, don’t expect them to take their legs off the gasoline.

This is what Solskjaer’s country might look like on Thursday.

Alex Such
Alex Teles can start rarely Alex Pantling / Getty images

David de Gea (GK) – The Spaniard can still play a key role in the United season, as he strives to finish it with a second trophy from the Europa League. It will probably have to come out big soon.

Aaron One-Bissaka (RB) – Wan-Bisaka is constantly showing signs of improvement as he progresses, but he can seriously take advantage of signing a small healthy race to push him forward.

Victor Lindelof (CB) – It seems more and more comfortable in XI nowadays, which makes it difficult for Solskjaer to enter the game for Eric Bailly. Changing things would disrupt the good flow of form.

Harry Maguire (CB) – The skipper rarely misses a match for United. If he is available, he is inside.

Alex Teles (LB) – Teles gets a nod from United, who probably want to spin when possible, while not losing significant levels of quality. The Brazilian can be key on the counter.

Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandez
The United midfield duo is currently on the same wavelength Matthew Ashton – AMA / Getty Images

Scott McTominay (CM) – He did not enjoy his strongest game in the first game and was caught out of position once or twice, but he is often trusted in the big games and again provides traction on the counter.

Paul Pogba (CM) – With the probability that United will take the pressure and play on the break away from home, the Frenchman falls into a deeper role for this one.

Daniel James (RM) – James has a lot of work to do to prove he can cut mustard at United. But as the rotation options go, this deadly pace in the team is by no means bad.

Bruno Fernandez (AM) – Get back to your best result with productive performance on the first leg. Fernandez has bent over twice and assisted twice and desperately wants to see the lift of this trophy come at the end of May.

Marcus Rashford (LM) – Rashford played his best football when he played on the left flank and thrived again this season despite fighting injuries. Watching him pull out his book of tricks is a joy.

mason green wood
Greenwood exudes confidence Alex Livesey – Danehouse / Getty Images

Mason Greenwood (ST) – Edinson Cavani was the man in the goals in the first game, but with such a pillow there is room for United to rest the veteran. Greenwood is in equally hot form at the moment and came in sixth in the first game, thus receiving a signal to lead the line in Italy.