May 8, 2021

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The video shows the Old Trafford protester being beaten by police behind a van

The protest outside and inside Old Trafford on Sunday, which led to our match against Manchester United being canceled, had good intentions, but it was inevitably marred by violence.

Protest is good. Protest helps with big changes – but the fallout from Sunday’s carnage will now focus as much on the isolated incidents as it will be the Glazers and football ownership in the UK as a whole.

This video here is particularly unpleasant. It shows a group of police officers weighing into a young boy behind a van, apparently out of shots. They were not aware that anyone was filming it on a camera behind them.

Of course, we do not know what the flag on the floor did, and we know that, among other things, there were incidents of police officers being attacked with projectiles – so it is not for us to blind the hypothesis.

Still, this is not nice at all. What a weird, awful football season this has been …