how any club can survive

Given that he is regularly hailed as the craziest, weirdest and most unpredictable league in the world, a quick look at the championship table this season dispels all those old tropes.

Champions? Sorted. Automatic promotion? Sorted. Playoff seats? Sorted. Teams that you forgot to spend next year releasing their fans and doing exactly the same thing? Quite sorted.

Darren Moore's Sheriff's Wednesday could still survive
Darren Moore ‘s Sheriff Wednesday Can Still Survive James Williamson – AMA / Getty Images

With just one round of gadgets left in the 2020/21 second level campaign, where is all the drama and madness?

Aaaaa no team has been relegated yet. Here it is.

Four teams are battling for the last remaining place to survive, and with Rotherm holding a game at hand, and two of those four teams facing each other this Saturday, it will definitely be fun.

With so many variables to be considered targeting gameweek 46, we looked at the four teams involved in the relegation fight this season and outlined exactly what they need to do to maintain their championship status.

Wayne Rooney's team is currently ranked 21st
Wayne Rooney’s country currently ranks 21st Athena Pictures

Position: 21st
Points: 43
Goal difference: -22

When Wayne Rooney got the job of full-time Derby manager last November, the Aries campaign enjoyed a miniature rise as they were unbeaten by six.

However, they have returned to their old ways and only one win in their last 14 outings – including six spins defeats – leaves them dangerously above the relegation zone.

They are three points above each team in the bottom three, although they have a worse goal difference than Sheffield Wednesday and Rotherham, while the Millers have a game at hand and Rooney’s men face the Owls on the last day.

What do they have to do to survive?

Much depends on Rotherham’s hand game in Luton on Tuesday night.

If Paul Warne’s men fall to win against the Hatters, Derby’s task is simple – don’t fight Wednesday in Pride Park and they will survive.

If the Derby is still won on Saturday, then – regardless of Rotherham’s result on Tuesday or Saturday, Rooney’s men will not.

Paul Warne's men have a game in hand over their rivals
Paul Warne ‘s men have a game in hand over their rivals James Williamson – AMA / Getty Images

Position: 22nd
Points: 40
Goal difference: -16

On paper, Rotherham seem to have a pretty decent chance of survival, given that they have a game on hand to play against their opponents, although a few weeks ago they had about three games over their opponents and blew most of them away.

Warne’s country saw that many of their games had been canceled earlier this season amid a coronavirus pandemic, and their bid to survive was likely to be difficult as they had to put on their extra games for such a short period of time in the last part of the campaign.

What do they have to do to survive?

The fate of Rotherham is in their own hands.

Four points from their two away matches in Luton and Cardiff will see them safe.

Three points from each of their outings will also probably be enough if Sheffield Wednesday beat Derby and don’t take a ridiculous amount of goals – which is very unlikely.

Anything less than three points from their two games and they are down.

Darren Moore's people have to win to have any chance of survival
Darren Moore ‘s people have to win in order to have any chance of survival James Williamson – AMA / Getty Images

Position: 23rd
Points: 40
Goal difference: -21

Three managers in one season probably give you an indication of the progress of the campaign on Wednesday.

If their 12-point sentence had not been reduced to six after an appeal, they would have been dropped by now, but they are heading for the last day with a chance of survival.

The home clash last Saturday against the out-of-form Nottingham Forest seemed a must-win, and when Derby took the lead at Swansea later that afternoon, the Owls were eliminated, although Rooney’s men ‘moves gave Darren Moore a second team.

What do they have to do to survive?

Wednesday’s task is simple – they have to beat the Derby to have a chance to survive, and even then it may be a little too late.

If they do beat Derby, their survival depends on the remaining two clashes of Rotherham. The Moore people have to hope that Warne’s team will take less than four points, otherwise these are curtains for their stay in the championship.

Gareth Ainsworth's wycombe are almost mathematically dropped
Gareth Ainsworth’s Wycombe are almost mathematically dropped Catherine Iville / Getty images

Position: 24th
Points: 40
Goal difference: -33

Here we will catch up with you – Wycombe has fallen, but we could not resist the opportunity to look at a picture of the glorious locks of Gareth Ainsworth.

The writing was on the wall for the presidents after they lost all their first seven games of the season and this Saturday they will finally be taken out of their misery.

What do they have to do to survive?

A miracle. Or …

1. I hope Rotherham do not take more than four points from their last two games.
2. Hope Sheffield Wednesday beat Derby on Saturday.
3. Defeat Middlesbrough at least 14-0 (probably more depending on Rotherham’s results).

Good luck boys!

Tuesday, May 4
Luton vs Rotherham

Saturday, May 8
against Sheffield Wednesday
Cardiff vs Rotherham
Middlesbrough vs Wycombe

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