Marotta names the one person at Juventus he’s no longer on good terms with

If you are a fan of high profile drama then here is something for you.

Giuseppe Marotta has just won his first Scudetto title as CEO of Inter, helping his new club to break the winning dynasty he has built at Juventus.

The former Bianconeri general manager worked in Turin between 2010 and 2018, and he apparently still enjoys friendly relations with everyone at the club.

Well, everyone… except one.

Fabio Paratici worked as Marotta’s protégé and right-hand man at Sampdoria, before joining Juventus.

Nonetheless, it seems that something unpleasant happened between the mentor and the student when the former left in 2018.

The Inter director gave an interview to GR Parliament (via Calciomercato), where he ruled out a return to the Old Lady, preferring to focus on his role with the new Italian champions.

“I don’t consider the scudetto we won as a rematch against the Bianconeri. My experience with Juventus has given me a lot and I have remained on good terms with everyone except one person, namely Fabio Paratici.

“I want to point out that it was for human and non-professional reasons. I didn’t expect some decisions to be made, but I accepted them as I always have.

“I want to rule out a return to Juventus. I never received any requests and never considered this possibility. I only think of Inter and the cycle of success that we want to start. »Concludes Marotta.

The Beneamata mathematically sealed their first league title since 2010 on Sunday, thanks to Atalanta’s draw against Sassuolo.

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