No 500 away fans for Burnley vs. Liverpool with plans postponed – Liverpool FC

The return of fans to the stadiums may not be enough, but away fans should be forced to wait until next season amid a number of obstacles.

Football has been a shell of itself without its life force scattered across seats and stadiums around the world, but the end is in sight in the UK.

From May 17, fans will be allowed to step through the turnstiles once again in the thousands with Liverpool’s final home game against Crystal Palace to host 10,000.

The league schedule was then pushed back to allow each club to welcome fans before the end of the season, meaning the trip to Burnley on May 18-19 will also take place in front of the fans.

It was also to signal the return of 500 away supporters after the government drew up plans to relax the ban for the last two games of the season.

However, while in theory the move would be widely celebrated as a small return to normal, the logistics must prove too important for many and the Time now the fans won’t be coming back until next season.

Police costs and what is considered “unnecessary travel” are two of the issues along with the capacity of clubs which cannot accommodate 10,000 supporters due to the size of their stadium.

The report says a ‘decision has now been made’ and the return of away supporters will be postponed until next season, with the Premier League due to confirm the decision next week.

This will prove to be disappointing for many, but with social distancing measures set to end in stadiums by June 21, the hope will be that full capacity pitches aren’t too far away.

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