May 16, 2021

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Leaked images show Nike’s new 2021/22 Liverpool FC player issue home kit – Liverpool FC

Liverpool are entering their second season with Nike, and details of the new home kit continue to leak with new images offering a more detailed look at what we can expect.

The new kits are always divisive, what one likes another won’t and there have already been mixed reactions to the leaks of what the Reds are ready to wear at Anfield next season.

Footy’s reliable headlines easily leaked images for the rumored kits in 2021/22, with the new home edition being ‘gym red’ with ‘bright crimson’ and ‘fossil’ detailing.

The kit is embellished with diagonal lightning stripes, front and back, and sports a unique Nike design of an overlapping collar in fossil and dark green.

To date, the leaks have been the replica editions, which means they lack Nike technology and the subtle design it adds to those worn by players.

But new images thanks to the Twitter user @ KB2X look to show what the match kit will look like in more detail:

The kit remains in line with those in previous leaks, but the details of the player’s edition enhance its design, with the tech adding a wave look.

It will be in line with this season’s edition, with the non-player design devoid of technology and therefore being looser where lightning stripes will be its main feature, and badges will be embroidered.

It’s Anfield understand that the new home kit will be revealed ahead of the final day of the season, with the Reds wearing it against Crystal Palace on May 23.

This will be one of three kits, with the exterior version believed to be fossil and the third a yellow edition.