Leeds: Bielsa must release Nohan Quesnay

After Calvin Phillips was sent off with a minor injury against Brighton, Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa turned to Robin Koch as the man to fill the gap in the middle.

Central defender of the trade, the summer signing withstood a difficult game in a completely unknown position, and Beren Cross of Leeds Live outlined one of the key problems facing the German, saying that “his death was nothing like the Phillips space, nor accuracy at critical moments as the attacks threatened to intensify. “

With the announcements from the last days, in which it is claimed that Leeds has made the signing of a new midfielder a priority for the upcoming summer transfer window, the much-needed coverage for Phillips is coming. However, for the here and now, instead of turning to Koch, Bilsa must certainly release academic star Nohan Quesnay.

Want to see how Nohan Quesnay plays?




Athletic’s Phil Hay called the teenager “extremely talented” and he can play in midfield as well as central defense. In addition, at the impressive 6 feet 2, he seems to have the physical qualities to hold at the Premier League level.

The 18-year-old has already admitted that he modeled on Phillips, while adding that he is also a fan of the invincible Arsenal Patrick Vieira. He said: “I’m currently watching Calvin Phillips because (we both) play in a similar position, but from time to time I watch videos of Patrick Vieira about his qualities in the midfield.”

Describing himself as someone who is “aggressive and hardworking, who likes to break down the game” but also likes to “progress and score long goals”, Kenneth seems to be able to thrive as an anchor if he gave a chance from Bielsa.

During this season, he spent all his time at the club’s academy, making 11 appearances in Premier League 2 and helping them win the Division 2 title recently.

The next step for those batches of players who have tasted success at the academy is to celebrate their first team, and given the injury problems Phillips faced last weekend and this season as a whole, Quesnay should be the person Bielsa is up to. turns sooner than later.

Meanwhile, a source from Leeds revealed the club’s exciting plans for the summer …

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