Mo Salah says teammates lost confidence in front of goal after the Crystal Palace match

Mo Salah has offered an honest and insightful description of what has happened to Liverpool this season.

The Reds were at the top of the table after we beat Crystal Palace 7-0 at Selhurst Park before Christmas, but since then we have had the strangely lovely victory and disappointment after disappointment.

None of this, of course, has been the fault of the Egyptian king. He has 29 goals in total and has carried us through 2021, while his attacking teammates, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane, have scrubbed.

Diogo Jota has also not been able to rediscover his early season since returning from injury.

If their finishing had been like Mo’s (and the Salahs have not been perfect by the way), we would almost certainly still be in the top four – and maybe the Champions League semi-finals as well.

“Well, I do not want to make any excuses, but I think we started the season really well and then we had a few injuries and we also struggled to win some matches,” he said, quoted in KingFut.

“But it’s part of the game. I do not want to put my finger on some points – we could do better, but this is part of the game. We were unlucky, so let’s end the season in the best possible way and then think about winning the Premier League next season again.

“I think maybe because the game after Crystal Palace started to draw and lose some points, and maybe some players lost some confidence to score goals or something. But I do not mean anything bad about my teammates, I’m just saying that this might be part of the reason.

“But I think it’s part of the game: you miss an opportunity and you just have to keep going and keep going. [and] to have the mindset that you have to score, you want to score, you want to score, it comes anyway. But I think in some games we go to the game with some pressure that we have to win now and I think this affects us in the game.

“I think that was what happened because we started the season really well and everyone said we should win the Premier League again and since we started losing points, you started to feel the pressure more … you feel, now we have to to lose it, we lose the Premier League ‘and the pressure is getting higher and higher.

“And we had the injuries: we lost Hendo in his position, we lost Fabinho in his position, and of course we lost all the center-backs, so it was difficult for us to deal with it. But this is football, and you have to expect everything, ”he continued.

Salah ends this season with more than 30 goals, which for a player starting on the right wing is another great campaign.

But he has been so consistently brilliant that it is almost forgotten.

Liverpool desperately need to award Salah a new contract. He is not in decline and will continue to plunder goals and Golden Boots well into his thirties – if we give him the chance.

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